He did things for people that made a big difference like the time his niece, Charlie, was broken hearted because her dog Prissy had just died. The next thing we know, John came over with a gift bag for Charlie and inside was the cutest little stuffed dog. She took to it immediately and named it Prissy.

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Could’ve been worse, though. The Pac 12 put five teams in the tournament this year. Last year, this “Power Conference” only put one team, Colorado, in the hunt for a national title.. Was a key, sure, van Riemsdyk admitted. Gave us confidence in the dressing room coming out for the third period. It was a memorable day for all who shared in the magnificent experience, it was especially significant for JVR and Kessel, who had both at one time played for the United States National Team Development Program based here in Ann Arbor and attended Pioneer High School, which is across the street from Michigan Stadium.

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